Chicken & Baked Beans!!!

Flying Spaghetti Monster forgive me, but since we were talking about bad, modern, country, I just heard this as we were in line getting a post-tennis smoothie, and just had to share it’s awfulness with you all. I’m a little concerned however, that he mentions getting the “Sunday Times.” I hope he’s not referring to one of those left-coast lamestream media rags :)

If by chance, this song was not enough cheesy pop/country for you, here’s another favorite:

Though I suppose there’s nothing particularly country about it besides the production sound, which just strikes me as closer to country than anything else.

2 thoughts on “Chicken & Baked Beans!!!

  1. Steph

    Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of in my other post.

    For ridiculously inane lyrics, it’s hard to beat Red Solo Cup, which I honestly could not believe when I first heard it, although I’ve heard a lot of terrible stuff. Now, when I googled it to make sure I quoted the lyrics right (decided not to quote), it was hard not to see the song some kind of oh-so-ironic joke, making fun of really bad songs, rather actually seriously being a song.


    Then again, the “I love you red solo cup” bit reminds me a lot of a song I wrote at age 7.

    On the subject of Toby Keith and self-parodying humor, I do forgive Keith some degree of his ridiculous jingoistic stuff and the Dixie Chicks nonsense because of his War on Christmas song which is on the Colbert Christmas album. Here’s the video.


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