One thought on “As a follow-on to Radiohead …

  1. Uncle Ebeneezer

    That’s cool. Very nice rendition. There’s this big-shot producer in LA named Jon Brion, who does a regular one-man show at a place called Largo. As part of his show, he takes requests (the more outlandish, the better) and then re-works them in interesting ways by changing the rythym, making them Oom-Pa or Tejano or some totally new style. When I last saw him, I shouted out “Paul Anka” and he responded by playing a pretty great version of “My Way.” Anyways, that same night he played a lengthy version of Creep. As a jazz lover, and Phish fan etc., I have a pretty high tolerance for long-winded musical noodlery, but after almost 15 minutes even I was bored out of my mind. I thought that the song had been permanently ruined for me. Thankfully, this version may have restored my love for one of my favorite songs. Thanks for sharing.


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